Red Level

State of Louisiana

Rapides Foundation

City of Alexandria

Coughlin-Saunders Foundation

Bronze Level

Rev. & Mrs. James Theus

The Town Talk/ McCormik Graphics

Ed & Jacque Caplan

Roy O & Vinita Martin

Kilpatrick (Virgina Shehoo)

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Martin

Hibernia Bank

Silver Level

Nin Pullim Grant

Mr. & Mrs. James Baker

Minnie Lee Hardin

Tom & Betsy Hardin

Huie Dellmon Foundation

Mrs. Robert Rayford

The Martin Family

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mulder

Mac & Fran Davis

Gold Level

Fleet Boston Financial Corporation

Joy Hidges

Julie & Oday Lovergne

Greg& Hope O'Quin

Vince & Connie Mallory

Robert Ratcliff

Walker Automotive, Inc.

Rotary Club of Alexandria

Myron & Marilyn Wellan in Loving Memory of
Louis Wellen & Wellan Department Store

Kia Communications

Red River Bank

Lloyd N. Moreau

Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Tudor

Red River Music, Inc.

Thilo Steinschutle in Loving Memory of
Major General David A. Sawyer

Seat Dedications

Shirley S. Alexander

In Memory of John T. and Ramona Bernhard

In Memory of Bernard "Sonny" Bindursky

Ruth Anne Bindursky

Jean Burnum Blake

Henry Ernest Blake

Thomas Brasher In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brasher

Ashe Broussard Weinzettle Architects

Mrs. Ivory Brown

In Memory of Phyllis Werlein Budd

Dr. and Mrs. Jack T. Cappel, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. O'Neal Chadwick

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Crowell, III

Helen Kingsley In Memory of
D. M. Kingsley, MD

The Town Talk

Phil Eisenwinter

Ann Eisenwinter

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fowler

The Freedman Family, Robin, Nydia, Andrea, Amelie, Robert

Dr. and Mrs. C. Babson Fresh, In Memory of Harold V. Pate, In Memory of Chester S. Fresh

Stephen and Paula Furr, Phyllis Taylor Lukeman, In Memory of Maime Fordyce Taylor

Seat Dedications

Caplan Children and Grandchildren in Honor of Jacque and Ed Caplan

In Honor of Howard B. Gist, Jr. Rosemary F. Gist

The Heyman Family

Jeanette Hinckley

Justin Hinckley

Drs. Hugh and Linda Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Smith

Samual R. Dunbar Family, In Loving Memory of Ita Dunbar and Phyllis N. Dunbar

John Kramer and Son Funeral Home

Philip and Nelda Laborde

Joe and Betty Fay Lipsey, In Memory of Louis and Bertha Wellan

Jonathon Ellis Martin

Maggie Burnaman Martin

Natalie Martin Monroe

Amanda Martin

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Maxwell

Anne Maxwell Stage

Marian Maxwell Beaumont

Barbara Maxwell Meachin

Julius and Dottie McLaurin

Dr. Peter Milder and Mrs. Catherine Ledig Milder

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miller

Patrick and Randalle Moore

Dr. and Mrs. Maury K. Morrison

Cecil and Margaret Myers, In Memory of
Doris S. Myers

Alexandria Neurological Clinic

In Memory of Leonard Fuhrer

In Memory of Anne Fuhrer Morrison

Leo and Maynette Dobard

Debbie Eddlemon, In Memory of Carmella Skeeter Nichols, In Memory of Bessie Ann Ward

Kelly and Catherine Pears

Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Phillips

In Memory of Bette Phillips Mayberry

American Association of University Women

Dr. David F. Pope and Family

In Honor of Thilo Steinschulte

In Honor of Izora Steinschulte

Witsell Evans and Rasco Architects & Planners

Ron and Wanda Schenk

Sara L. Simmonds, In Memory of Noel T. Simmonds, M.D., In Honor of June W. Peach

In Memory of LaVerne Thomas Jr.

Ginny Thomas, In Memory of Rae and Maud Thomas John Henry Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. Ed Villemez

Laura and Charlie Weens

in Honor of the People of Central Louisiana

Roscoe A. Bolton and Sue M. Bolton

Chuck and Kim Westerchil Westerchil Construction

Paul and Joanne White

Dr. and Mrs. Howard G. Wold

Clara Wise and Robert Wolf

Winona and C. Scott Yeager Jr.

John and Marilyn Notari

Dr. and Mrs Richard Paul Texada Sr.

In Honor of Zelda and Gustave Kaplan Gift of Jean and Bernard Kaplan Family Fund

In Memory of Nathan Kaplan gift of Jean and Bernard Kaplan Family Fund

In Memory of Bernard L. Kaplan M.D. gift
of Jean and Bernard Kaplan Family Fund

Walker Automotive

In Honor of Chlorinda Martin-Brown

In Memory of George B. Figgins

Dr. and Mrs. Palmer J. Texada in Memory of Dr. and Mrs. B.H. Texada, Sr.

Susan in the Honor of the 75th Birthday of Shirley Katz

Seat Dedications

The Katz family in Memory of Harold Katz

Dr. Leo and Beverly Lowentritt Jr. in Memory of Glen and Lura Ahrens

Dr. Harry and Peggy Brian

Ed Hixson family

Hixson Brothers Funeral Home

In Honor of Homer H. Adler

James A. White III M.D. in Memory of antecedents loved ones and family

In Memory of Nancy Bruce Curlee

In Memory of George H. Rothschild Sr.

In Memory of Ben T. Simpson

Cecile and Margaret Myers in Memory of Doris S. Myers

The W.H. Hodges family

In Honor of Annie Laurie Bejach

In Honor of Betty Adams

In Honor of Mary Roland

Shirley and Orlin Corey

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Manuel

Jeanne Lowther DCSW

In Memory and Honor of Carol Marsh

John and Delores Brewer Morgen and Ann-Aldridge

Ann and Lee Rubin

Charleen W. Courtney and family in Memory of James Edwin Courtney

In Memory of Mary Calderwood Bolton

In Memory of Frances Sample Bolton

In Memory of James Calderwood Bolton

Dr. and Mrs. James DeLee in Honor of our children Rosalin, Anthony, Cathy

Malcom and Dee Denley

The John Harden Downs family

Krewe of Boogaloo

Teresa Everett in Memory of Harold Dekeyzer

In Memory of Gwinn loved ones

David and Nicole Holcombe

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Hunter

Judge and Mrs. Lewis O. Lauve

The Fine children in Honor of
Chuck and Fritzie Fine

In Memory of Albert L. Conner by Betty E. Conner

Betty E. Conner

In Honor of Kitty Johns from Ed Jacque Judy Stephen Sherry

The Luduc family

Judge and Mrs. F.A. Little Jr.

Bryon Marshall in Memory of
Jacksie Brooks Marshall

Byron Marshall in Memory of Byron A. Marshall Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Silver


In Honor of Jacque and Ed Caplan

Representative and Mrs. Isreal B. Curtis

Tudor Company developers-builders

Nenita and Rueben Roy Jr. M.D.

Lt. Col. (ret.) and Mrs. Joseph E. Hines III

In Memory of Charles G. Crump donated by his wife Mary W. Crump

Wallace and Susan Berry

In Memory of Ed and Laurice Berry

Glenn and Kitty Murphy

David and Virginia Smith

Chuck and Fritzie Fine in Honor of their children

Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Hardin

Mrs. J. Rhorer Texada in Memory of J. Rhorer Texada

Silvia Yancy Davis in Memory of Mattie H. Yancy

Gary and Ann Gresham